Fancy Pants Pull Ons

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Is your little girl in heat?  Still learning to potty 'outside'?  Or is she getting older and having trouble controlling her bladder? If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Fancy Pants Pull Ons offer you a solution to protect your furniture and bedding.  Fancy Pants Pull Ons can be worn with a sanitary napkin, cut to fit the panties, or if you order a larger size they can be worn over dog diapers.

Our Fancy Pants Pull Ons come in either pink or green stretch cotton with an elastic waist and leg holes.   The delicate flower design, along with the solid color upper is a very pretty combination.  And its topped off my a matching color bow.

Fancy Pants Pull Ons Size Chart



11-15 lbs.

12” – 15” at the waist


16-20 lbs.

15” – 18” at the waist