CHA CHA COUTURE: Bad Doggie Harness

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There is only 1 item left in stock.

Bad Doggy Harness Vest w/ Leash
A new lightweight denim vest for the male dogs. Check out the detail in the patches, skull and cross bones and the quality of the stitching. Comes with a matching lead.

Each Bad Doggie harness vest will have a unique variation of the print. Designs may vary on each harness making each piece one of a kind.

ChaCha Couture Sizes:

               Neck       Chest      Weight

XXS         4"-6"       7"-9"       1-2 lbs.

XS           7"-10"    10"-12"     3-5 lbs.

S           11"-13"    13"-15"     5-10 lbs.

M           13"-15"    16"-18"    11-15 lbs.

L            16"-19"    18"-20"    16-32 lbs.