Belly Band 4 Pak (assorted colors/design)

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..Do You Answer Yes to Any of These Questions?

1) Does your male dog continually lift his leg on your furniture or whatever corner smells good to him?

2) Does he keep going to the same spot on your carpet no matter how thoroughly you have cleaned it?

3) Is he incontinent?

4) Is your boy dog just unable to hold it through the night?

5) Do you need a potty training aid?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then your boy needs a BELLY BAND!

Now you can have complete confidence in your dog when he is out of your sight. You can feel comfortable while riding in the car or visiting family and friends knowing that by lifting his leg he cannot do any damage in their homes.

Many male dogs "mark" their territory inside the house as well as outside. It is a natural and common thing for them to do. Unlike a diaper, the Belly Band does not fit between the legs, but wraps around the boy's tummy. The Belly Band has a wide Velcro strip for quick removal when your dog is going outside and it takes only seconds to put back on when your dog comes in.

Bellybands are used to help control marking and save the headache and frustration of cleaning up. They let you know if your dog is being a perfect gentleman or not - the evidence is right there in the wrap. From a human perspective, urinating indoors is probably one of the worst companion animal behaviors. However, from a dog’s viewpoint, lifting a leg is perfectly natural and quite acceptable

Why does a bell band work? Most dogs do not like to be wet. If the dog decides to void in the home, the belly band with a sanitary pad works like a diaper. It will absorb urine.

Only take the wraps off when your dog needs to relieve himself, or when he is outside or on a walk. Praise when he urinates outside. If he tries to urinate when the wraps are on, he will not be happy about wetting himself. Don’t immediately change a wet bellyband. Let him understand that his behavior has caused the unpleasant consequence. However, as soon as it is clear that he is not pleased, go ahead and change the belly band.

Your dog should learn very quickly that he does not like to be wet and begin to hold his water. Of course, you should also remember to remove the belly band when the dog goes outside as well. After several weeks, begin taking the band off for short supervised periods of time. As your dog demonstrates control and trust, gradually increase the amount of time he is allowed free without wearing his belly band.

Belly bands are machine washable and reused as needed. Just be sure to attach the Velcro together before washing. It is a good idea to have several belly bands and launder them as necessary.

Many dogs are inhibited from lifted their leg simply by wearing a belly band. While other dogs continue to lift their legs, the urine is caught by the belly band, not your furniture. Belly bands are also a lifesaver when coping with incontinence.

To determine the size you need, measure loosely in front of your dog's back legs. Ensure the tape measure is slightly snug but that you can still easily slide your finger under the tape measure.

For better accuracy, be sure to use a seamstress tape measure, not the metal kind you have in your garage. The metal ones are too stiff to provide an accurate measurement.

Petite Fits 8” – 10” (Appx 3” width)

Small: Fits 10" - 12" (Appx 3." width)

Medium: Fits 12" - 14" (Appx 3" width)

Large: Fits 14" - 16" (Appx 3" width)

XLarge: Fits 16" - 18" (Appx 4" width)

If in doubt order next larger size.


Each belly band is hand crafted using cotton, cotton blends, or cotton flannel outer layers and a padded inner layer. We recommend adding a self-stick sanitary pad to the inside of the belly band which will hold urine and lessen the amount of washing to the belly band. When the sanitary pad is soiled, just throw it away and insert a new one. The fabrics ensure maximum absorbency, confort for your dog, and long life. We cut the fabric to the proper length and width, add an absorbent padding, and sew all layers together. Then the belly band is turned right side out and top stitched. The extra sewing helps keep the band in its original shape and ensures there will be no slippage of the padding. Lastly, hook and loop (Velcro) is top stitched on the ends. The Velcro enables adequate adjustment for a comfortable fit.